Yoga and joint pain treatment

As a person gets older, their chances of joint pain also increase. Weak bone structure, lack of adequate physical exercise and lack of essential nutrients in the diet can further aggravate the condition. While medication helps reduce pain, alternative time-tested methods such as yoga can speed up the process of eliminating pain completely. Yoga is an ancient Indian technique that effectively relieves pain, tones the body and calms the mind.

What is the cause of joint pain?

Osteoarthritis: A common type of arthritis, occurs over time when cartilage, the protective cushion between bones, wears down. Joints become painful and stiff. Osteoarthritis develops slowly and usually occurs during middle age.

Which joint pain symptoms are cause for concern?

benefits of doing yoga

Yoga helps in improving flexibility in joints, building muscle strength, improving balance and reducing stress in the body. These benefits are invaluable for someone with knee and joint pain. The best part is that you can consider using yoga for knee pain even in old age.

Do yoga asanas to get rid of joint pain

Virabhadrasana: Warrior pose is a knee-strengthening yoga pose that also helps people suffering from frozen shoulders. it takes the stress off the shoulders

Om Dhanurasana: The bow pose opens up the shoulders and gives them relief from pain. This yoga pose also adds flexibility to the back and relieves the body from stress and fatigue.

Setu Bandhasana: Bridge pose helps in strengthening the muscles in the knee joint and is also helpful for people suffering from osteoporosis. It also calms the mind and reduces anxiety and stress in the body.

Trikonasana: By doing Trikonasana, the legs, knees and ankles get strong. It also stretches and opens the hamstrings, groin and hips. This yoga posture also relieves the body from sciatica and back pain.
Ustrasana: An effective back pain exercise and shoulder-strengthening yoga pose, Ustrasana also improves spinal flexibility, improves posture and relieves low back pain.

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