What I Do

Diabetes Treatment With Yoga
Diabetes as a major public health problem is currently spreading at a rapid rate in society. People living with diabetes are turning to yoga in an effort to keep their condition under control and improve their overall quality of life. Health experts believe that yoga is beneficial in controlling diabetes and can protect against other related medical conditions like heart disease.
Hatha Yoga
Anchored in the deep science of inner experience, this retreat style training program allows you the inner science of meditation.
Be proactive
With a BeTop Therapist Care Plan - Personalized lifestyle, diet, and exercise plans based on your results. The program allows you
Yin Yoga
BeTop Yoga shows you how to remove the obstacles the greatest expression of yourself and living your wildest dreams.
Power Yoga
BeTop Yoga embraces all styles of Yoga. We create workshops and events for yoga to deepen their spiritual practice and knowledge.