5 Yoga Asanas with Many Health Benefits

“Health is Wealth”. There is just no way around it. The wellness of the physical and mental being is of utmost importance in life. But in today’s busy and chaotic life we often tend to neglect the body and mind, which leads to shortened and unhappy lifetime. Here is a list of the 5 most basic Yoga techniques that helps in maintaining a good health. It can be broadly divided in three categories: proper exercise, proper breathing and proper rest.


SURYA NAMASKAR: Superficially the sun salutation or surya namaskar is an exercise that helps your back and muscles. But in actual fact it is a complete body exercise. It tones your muscles, reduces abdominal fat, detoxes skin, battles insomnia, and betters digestive functions.

This asana not only improves blood circulation and brings bout ultimate body balance, but it has several other benefits like relieves stress, increases focus, benefits the eyesight and hair follicles due to increased blood circulation, reduces IBS, strengthens shoulder and arms, and decreases fluid build-ups in legs, ankles and joints.

PADMASANA: It refers to the basic meditative pose that not only provides stress free environment but also other benefits like opens up hips, stretches ankles and knees, keeps spine straight, increases awareness and attentiveness, stimulates bladder, pelvis, abdomen and restores the body energy.


PRANAYAMA: It is a practice that gives birth to a refreshing life. The breathing exercise is a way to purify and detox the body and mind. It has several benefits like mental agility, stress relief, healthy body organs, enhancement of beauty like glowing skin, and helps you relax and rejuvenate.


SAVASANA: It is the easiest pose to attain physically but the most difficult one to achieve mentally. It is also known as the corpse pose as it is the ultimate rest pose. All the sensory and motor stimulations are at a minimum thus the mental energy is channelized internally. Ultimate mental and muscular relaxation after a stressful day.

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